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Association History

Association for the Propagation and Promotion of Objets D'Art

Established by Mr. Thanongsak Boonyarangsarit on November 28, 1979, the Association for
the Propagation and Promotion of Objets d'Ast is a non-profit organization. It has the objectives to
promote and propagate art objects and antiques, serve as a centre for members to exchange
knowledge, opinions and experiences in the art object and antique dealer occupation and
enhance the morals. Thai culture and traditions.

The association support the dissemination ofr informaiton on art objects and antiques through
exhibitions and seminars as well as the issuance of antiques authentication certificates by the
committee of experts. In addition, it collaborates with government agencies and other organiztion in supporting
activities and charitable work that serve public interest.
Benefits for members
The members shall benefit from useful news, information and activites relating to art objects and antiques, such as newslettrs, seminars and study trips.
The association can issue antiques authentication certificates by the commitee of experts at half prices for its members. Furthermore, the members will enjoy special discounts for putting their items on auction
at Riverside Auction House Company Limited (This privilege is subject to change according to Riverside Auction House Company Limited's requirements.)
The members who are art object and antiques dealers can seek assistance from the association to request for the yearly renewals of their permits from the Fine Arts Department and the Provincial Administration Department.
The members are able to join the association's annual parties under quotas provided.